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Written by a patient
19th January 2012

Do you remember the good old days when your doctor actually cared for you and actually listened to what you had to say? Well I don't, because I'm too young (!) but I know that is the way it should be. I am blessed to be a patient of Dr Stevens and to live literally around the corner from him. His surgery always runs a little late, but do you know what? I don't mind because I know the delay is caused by him listening and talking to you, explaining things to you properly, caring for you, and even encouraging you to join him at his local rowing club! He is truly a great doctor, an example to follow. You can trust him to give you honest advice and explain the science behind it all as if you were a 4 year old. I am really going to miss him when I move away from Nottingham. He is unique and more than a doctor. If they are taking new patients, get in, now!

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