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12th December 2017
Written by a patient at Willow Wood Surgery

Does not have any organisation.Does not know what she's doing at all.Is patronising, abrupt, rude, uncaring, does not listen.Makes her own mind up in a judgemental way.Misreads things.Refuses to then see she has misdiagnosed.Guesses her diagnosis, clutching at straws, and treats one like a guinea pig.Cannot multi-task, as she typed notes as I was trying to explain my symptoms, but seemed unable to process in her head what I was saying.She seemed to have to have everything written down, and cannot think from her head clearly.Even with my symptoms written down, she gave me ibs tablets, rather than a referral, which was what it turned out that I needed.She, therefore, through blunders, disorganisation, not listening, and her misdiagnosis, delayed me getting correct treatment for something which was nowhere near anything like ibs.She is not a gp that I would ever trust.Beware of ever seeing her.She is unprofessional.She behaved in a very strange way, as if she has great difficulty processing language and understanding it.She was so very patronizing in trying to say I was imagining things.She was so unfair in doing this.She had no right to even dare to say such a thing, as if nobody with physical symptoms is telling the truth.She is a horrid gp and she really hurt and upset me, and treated me as if I weren't even there and as if I weren't even speaking.I am a grown up with a brain, who knew something physical was wrong, and jackson treated me as if I deserved no respect or dignity!


Short link to review Dr Lisa Jackson: http://iwgc.net/eefl6

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