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Written by a private patient
25th February 2021

I thank God for finding Doctor Kosta Chouliaras when searching for a cardiologist online. Very approachable and friendly on the phone when I contacted him for the first time, Dr Kosta gave me an appointment quicker than I was expecting. He also managed to work it out around my busy work schedule. I attended my appointment at 5 Kew Road, Richmond , TW9 2PR and Dr Kosta came at the door to welcome me. He also made the all procedure stress free by reassuring me time to time, and by making sure I was lying in a comfortable posture. One other thing I liked about this visit, Richmond branch is very easy to find as is just opposite the Richmond underground station. At the end, the doctor himself accompanied me to the door to see me out. I will summarise my visit as “professional, first class customer service, trustful and affordable” I will recommend this doctor to anyone looking for a very good cardiologist.

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