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Written by a patient
24th November 2020

Very pleasant, knowledgeable & very happy with all the detailed information he gave me from my Echocardiogram. Dr Kosta was very professional and I would highly recommend anyone to get peace of mind rather than worry yourself unnecessarily, it’s very good value for money and good health conformation is priceless and if you do require further treatment he will be the best to advise the next steps. I would like to thank you Dr Kosta for seeing me carrying out a thorough Echo consultation. Best Suze Beames

25th November 2020
Response from Dr Kosta Chouliaras

Thank you for your kind words. I feel grateful for having the opportunity to offer my services to you in the best way. It is very important to me to keep all my patients safe, stress free, satisfied and inspire Trust during this challenging period.

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