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6th September 2015
Written by a patient at Ferryview Health Centre

I came under the care of Dr Farooq for the past year. I found her to be an exceptional and gifted psychiatrist, second to none in my estimation. She is very professional, quietly confident, listens intently and is very single minded in making a difference. Best of all, the result of her care is that I now have better mental health than I have had for the best part of 20 years, in many ways I am now better than ever. As a 68 year old woman who has had Bipolar since my teens, possibly since my childhood, this is a big thing to say. Apart from her expert handling of my condition, Dr Farooq got me on a `Mood on Track' course which proved to be excellent. I now know how best to handle things when I become aware of symptoms signalling what might be the start of a full blown depression or manic episode. I can't be `cured’ but this way I feel that I have control over my condition, more hope for a better future, and that feels good. I am so delighted that I have seen the day when I can say `yes, I am proof that psychiatry and psychology can work for Bipolar’. I am hopeful that with psychiatrists around like Dr Farooq there is a better future for people suffering from acute mental health conditions. As regards, making constructive suggestions on how even greater care can be provided; I will leave it this time with just speaking of my experience for the past year. I now come under the care of the new service, and as this moves forward, if I have any suggestions, I will be glad to give them.

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