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23rd March 2016
Written by a carer at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

My father was admitted to ward 8 at heartland hospital on the 19th July 2014 with various symptoms. He had only been on the ward 2 days before his condition deteriorated very quickly. He began picking up imaginary items that were not there as well as having conversations that did not make sense both which were not happening when he was at home. While he was on the ward new MRI scans were taken of his brain and spine. Any request to talk to the doctor's on the ward were met with resistance and downright rudeness by the sister on the ward. When I finally had a chance to talk to a consultant 2 weeks later I was told by Dr Khalid Azhar referred to the MRI scan taken by them on the 22nd of july 2014 as being identical to the MRI images taken at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in October 2011 there was no change. My father has a brain tumour in frontal lobe the scan from 22nd july 2014 clearly shows that it has grown but according to the consultant there was no change so he lied to me about this. While my father was in this ward he was mentally sectioned without informing any of his next of kin and placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway even after it had been abolished. I managed to get him discharged after having a heated argument in the middle of the ward to this day he is not the same. Instead of transferring him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was the patient of a consultant neurosurgeon they decided to put him on the end of life pathway and lie to his next of kin about the growth of the tumour would have explained his behaviour. We filed a complaint against this consultant and have managed to get hold of his medical notes which also contain a pack of lies he was carrying out aggressive behaviour to wards the staff on the ward which he could not have been because he was sedated and I was sitting next to bed for 8 hours a day. So lying to the patients and their families and recording false facts in their medical records is standard practice in this ward. The only way to improve this ward is to do a route and review of all of the medical practices in this ward and retraining and revalidation of the consultants on this ward. A very concerned consultant general surgeon.

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