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Written by a patient
27th October 2018

I saw Dr Ward earlier this year, being in a confused state about how to proceed with treatment of my skin condition, which I had been experiencing for a year. Dr Ward listened carefully to my story, asked about my medical history and was extremely sympathetic to my problems. She seemed genuinely interested in my situation, was very attentive and displayed a wonderful caring attitude. She was totally reassuring and spoke in quiet tones, seemingly unhurried and very detailed, easy to understand, uncomplicated instructions followed, after she had first examined me. The examination was not at all uncomfortable with her gentle approach. Before I met her, I felt anxious and confused, but she allayed my fears both during the consultation and in subsequent conversations. I am intending to return to see Dr Ward in the near future to further check my progress, which I am very pleased to say I am thrilled about. I am very grateful for her help and would one hundred per cent recommend anyone requiring help with any dermatological problems to see Dr Ward. She is a lovely lady, and obviously totally dedicated to her work and her patients.

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