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Written by a NHS patient
21st November 2021

Bloodless TAVI Procedure My new aortic valve replacement was successfully implanted by my specialist Dr Karim Ratib on the 29th October 2021. I am very grateful to him and his team for the personal attention given to me throughout this procedure. As a long-standing Jehovah’s Witness I was eager to have this done without the use of blood and my views were kindly respected. My breathing, cough and yawning improved immensely and immediately. What a relief this has been for me. I did not have ICU nor was there any post op bleeding. I felt in very safe and skillful hands with the word “perfect” a constant reminder things were going really well. Excellent! I was moved to the discharge area after two hours and was discharged after 30 hours. After returning home I had no pain until the third day and paracetamol cleared that quickly. I’m so thankful to Karim and his team who have used their skills to give me a new lease of life.

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