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Written by a patient
31st March 2018

Dr Haider, is a great Doctor. He offers a superb balance of skills between approachable and professional. For all doctors at busy times, that cannot always be sadly said. When you feel ill and frustrated, it is not always easy to express your worries, to get the help you need. Dr Haider, however, has always listened, shown great empathy, and then given me the needed support, guidance and care, discussing and writing things down for you, and then always offering the needed follow up appointments, if he feels concerned, or as routinely required. I believe he has been a partner in Whyteleafe surgery for a few years now, after using the surgery for over 10yrs, I think from the treatment and the number of times he has helped me, he really has grown on me as one of the best there. He is definitely an asset, I am thankful to have, at my local surgery.

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