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Written by a carer
2nd July 2019

I went to visit Dr Dixit on 24th June with my son whom I was very concerned about. I have been to numerous doctors who I’ve felt as though didn’t care and didn’t assess him as thoroughly as they should, when I went to see Dr Dixit I felt as though he had taken all of my worries and concerns into consideration, he put my son first and he assessed him in a way in which no doctor has ever. Firstly, he made certain that he introduced himself to my son, built a relationship up with him before he started to tell him what he was doing and asked him the questions. My son was made to feel really comfortable, as was I. Dr Dixit made it fun for my son to be there and even though he was misbehaving at times, he reassured me it was okay, rather than making me embarrassed, as previous doctors have. After his assessment, Dr Dixit made sure he explained everything thoroughly to myself and my mother in law and made the time to ensure that we both understood, answering any question we asked no matter how silly. After this he explained the next steps to be taken very thoroughly. I was never made to feel silly for my concerns, never felt rushed out of the surgery as many doctors have before and was always listened to. I have never felt so satisfied leaving a doctors office and I must thank Dr Dixit for making us feel that way. His help has meant that my son can begin to receive the support he has needed for a while but has been ignored. Thank you so much Dr Dixit! We will definitely return should we ever have any concerns again, I would highly recommend this doctor. Thanks again!

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