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Written by a patient
27th August 2008

For many years I have been under the care of Dr Walkley and without him my life would not be what it is today. He has all the qualities required to make him a superb doctor. He is an extremely good listener, is able to exhibit empathy and is totally non-judgmental. He always takes time to listen, and I mean really listen, to what the patient has to say. He is always willing to discuss the choices of the patient, with the patient, thus making them fell part of the whole process of getting better. He takes the patients feelings into account and puts you at ease, no matter how trivial the matter is. His advice is always constructive and carefully tailored to suit the condition. He is an extremly thoughtful and considerate doctor who does not make you feel that you are on some kind of production line. I have benefited greatly from the care I have received under him and can only reiterate what a marvellous doctor he is. If all doctors possessed these attributes, the NHS would be a better service for it. It is a shame that little known sites, such as this, can only reflect a small quota of opinion. I am sure there are many patients out there who are unaware that these sites exist. I hope others that have benefited from the care of Dr Walkley are able to find their way onto this site, as I have done, and give praise where it is due. There are many doctors out there practising, without the necessary skills to perform the job. Therefore it is important when one comes across a good doctor that this is recorded. I sincerely hope others will post positive reviews and that Dr Walkley continues to keep up the good work. He is an excellent doctor.

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