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Written by a carer
28th April 2016

I cannot praise Jonathan highly enough for the work he does. My wife and I met him in very distressing circumstances, which should have been the most wonderful time of our lives. Looking back today, the birth of our son is now an occasion we can look on with happiness and some bewilderment as to how he survived and thrived. And it is thanks solely the tremendous care of Doctor Moise and some of his team at Salford Royal. Our son was born three months prematurely at home without assistance which, obviously, is not good. Doctor Moise was then based at Salford Royal. His skill as a paediatrician, bedside manner, encouragement and compassion are all without parallel in my experience of medical care. Ten years on from his far from ideal introduction into this world, my son enjoys a fantastic life. He is doing very well in mainstream school, is a grade two pianist and has no physical effects whatsover from his extreme prematurity, save for the need for spectacles. That could be luck, but I know it is because of the great care and positive attitude of Doctor Jonathan Moise. My son, wife and I can never thank you enough. You played a massive part in putting our lives back together.

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