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Written by a patient
17th January 2015

I hope this is the same John Webster who has a clinic at the Balfour in Orkney. I have to say that I actually liked this man and I'm sorry that I had to give him low stars. The reason for the problem is that Dr Webster was far too influenced by a colleague to reach an informed diagnosis in my case. He didn't have my history, he was, in hind-sight, clearly affected by what a GP had told him (there were no written communications) and, as a result, the purpose of my consultation was completely missed. At least the reason I thought I was attending for anyway. I could, because I think he is a good doctor, have forgiven him this, had I not contacted him at a later date with the correct information and he still dismissed my concerns. I'm still not sure if this was out of a misplaced duty to the GP concerned or simply because Dr Webster didn't understand my condition well enough. The upshot however has been to impact greatly on a patient's life - and this should not be allowed to happen without someone making amends. There is not only a legal duty of care, but a moral one. Anyway, as I say, I did like him - and I don't think he's ever got a response to the 'stop smoking' lecture like the one he got from me. If he can look at the other reviews I've made (and he'll know where to look) he might consider one of the recommendations.

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