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Written by a patient
19th February 2018

It could have been useful had this doctor actually seen me! Following a GP referral to. Dr Thorpe (recommended by another consultant at PCH as part of a treatment pathway) we heard nothing and the crucial weeks, then months to receive treatment passed with no contact. I was asked to chase the referral (s) up. I spoke to a polite lady who was surprised I'd heard nothing,looked up the waiting list and found nothing. Unhappy and more surprised, the lady found my hospital records. She found on file a note from Dr Thorpe stating he did not need to see me, I should live life as normal and as an after thought try doing something myself. The latter I had done for months after being seen in the ED! BUT, I had not been told, I had wasted a window of opportunity for treatment and then had to look for hospitals elsewhere that would treat me. I found out some months later from an ED doctor that the treatment I needed WAS AVAILABLE in PCH, and since then others who have been treated. I have no respect for Dr Thorpe, I know he would not declare the summary refusal of treatment, BUT he could have had the courtesy to inform me! No patient should waste vital treatment windows in the hope they will receive such, let alone not be informed the treatment is denied. Thankfully I have gone elsewhere where I do receive treatment as needed.

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