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Written by a patient
6th February 2020

I have a complex medical history involving a systemic rare disease and been written off by multiple NHS doctors who told me to abandon my career and all aspirations, before dropping me like a hot potato. All of this has been utterly transformed by Dr Outhwaite. Rather than baulking at complexity, he relishes the challenge. No matter how frightening my symptoms, no matter how complex, rare, alarming or distressing: every single time we have a conversation, unstintingly, unfailingly, he comes up with a concrete plan, he reassures me, and he makes sure that together we make things get better. I always feel I'm consulting an expert, but collaborating at the same time, because he really listens- a quality increasingly rare in today's medical profession. Given the damaging and traumatic experiences I've had over the last 25+ years with doctors, I do not trust doctors lightly. But I would happily put my life in the hands of this incredible doctor. My recommendation to you -------------------------------------------- If you think you are at the end of the road, with no options but to live with unbearable pain limitation, and poor quality of life - think again. See Dr Outhwaite and he will turn things around. His knowledge is second to none; he doesn't pay lip service - instead, he is refreshingly honest, straight-talking, authentic, and for those reasons, empowering. He is an inspiring, super-expert who cares deeply about his patients and their lives. Without him, I wouldn't still be here: it really is that simple. For that reason, my entire family and network of friends owe a great debt of gratitude to this very special doctor: he has saved my life and done so more than once. I will never, ever be able to repay what he has done for me. Dr Outhwaite in a nutshell: doctor, legend, genius.

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