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Written by a patient
14th November 2017

I would like to express my appreciation for the care and treatment given by Mr Sultan whilst in hospital. I had total trust in him and his team during the operation and afterwards, when I had an infection in my lung. I very much appreciated that he was clear about the operation to remove my cancer and I felt very relaxed about the treatment that I was to have. I trusted him and approached the operation feeling relaxed and comfortable. I also felt that I could always discuss anything that I was unsure about. Mr Sultan’s team and also the staff on Frensham Ward worked extremely well together, all being caring. As a patient, I felt extremely well looked after throughout my stay in Guildford County Hospital. Mr Sultan also made me aware that I must contact him if any problems or concerns arise, which was very reassuring. Being in hospital was a new experience and being there with such a professional, easy to talk to Consultant gave me much relief and strength. Thank you.

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