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Written by a patient
11th July 2017

I had done extensive research for over a year, about which weight loss procedure I wanted and the appropriate consultant. I decided to see Mr Javed Sultan in January 2016 at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital, Guildford, Surrey. When I seen Mr Sultan for the first time he was very welcoming, took extensive history and he actually listened to what you said. I have never felt rushed during any of my consultations. We decided on the Gastric Balloon first and the the Sleeve Gastrectomy. Mr Sultan is a very highly recommended surgeon. He has got a impeccable bedside manner, a cracking sense of humour and nothing is too much for him. I owe everything to Mr Sultan, he believed in me and gave me my life back, with my fantastic weight loss tool. I wouldn't hesitate in seeing him again.

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