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Written by a patient
1st May 2015

Doctor Iyngaran Vanniasegram is an absolute god send! I have been suffering with vertigo and dizziness for 2 years and have recently been referred to Iyngaran. He has been so helpful andhe is the first doctor I have met that I feel like he actually cares. I have been referred to consultant after consultant, having tests after tests with no results. I have had MRI scans, hearing tests, balance tests, blood tests, eye tests, physio; I even tried alternative therapies due to desperation. I have been attending his balance exercise class for the past few weeks and these have helped me hugely - I have been feeling much better these exercises have improved my balance considerably after just a few weeks. It seems a shame that I have only just been referred to Iyngaran and taking part in his classes, and he has had to stop them and his clinic because of regsitration. As a patient that suffers with vertigo constantly, it really upsets me that these are not continuing - it seems to be the only class and clinic like it anywhere. It's so difficult for people without balance disorders to understand how we feel as sufferers - it is the most awful feeling and actually very depressing and frustrating, along with making you feel very ill. Iyngaran also understands the psycological side too - offering his assistance outside of his working hours; he has passed on his phone number to myself and said to call him anytime I need to chat, whether it be for advice if I want to take more tablets or if I just need to talk to someone who understands how I'm feeling on a 'bad' day. Again, it is such a shame that his clinic and classes are having to stop just as I have found him but I really do hope that these continue in the near future - they are a life line for people like me - I am a healthy, 26 year old female who used to love life and socialisin; now I spend most of my days indoors with a bucket and feeling depressed - Iyngaran has bought back the hope that I may feel normal again and live life to the full again.

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