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Written by a carer
28th April 2019

Unimpressed by this dr who saw my father for years on the Nhs only to disappear without warning and leave me fighting with his colleagues to get the drug he previously prescribed privately for Alzheimer’s telling me my father should not come off it. I spent a very difficult year being bounced between Charing Cross care of the elderly and Gp until dad was admitted to uclh Care of the elderly who showed far greater care and compassion. We subsequently discovered dad’s primary brain condition was hydrocephalus not Alzheimer’s and - dad should have had a vp shunt years ago not be labelled with Alzheimer’s. Ivan Walton was instrumental in misdiagnosing my father despite hydrocephalus being questioned previously. There has never been an apology from Ivan Walton or Charing Cross Care of the elderly. Thankfully our national brain hospital NHNN in Queens Square picked up the situation and correctly diagnosed and treated my dad but it is sad that he didn’t get the correct diagnosis and vp shunt many years earlier. Ivan Walton and Charing Cross coe clearly had a complete lack of understanding of the similar characteristics of hydrocephalus and Alzheimer’s and hence my dad didn’t get the correct diagnosis or treatment until I took him to Nhnn.

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