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Written by a patient
11th July 2020

Growing up as a young lad in the 90's ADHD wasn't reconsidered, there are so many of us who have adult ADHD who have been misdiagnosed who are struggling day to day. I am now 40yrs old. To say life has been challenging is an understatement. However, when i came through the other side of addiction i worked in a residential rehab. Whilst working there i had a colleague of mine had noticed my behavior and how i worked. I was manic to say the least, id have 5 different task going all at one time. She had asked me if i had been ever assessed for ADHD. I had no idea that it even existed. However i did my research and i had identified i had all the descriptions for AHAD. I had made the first move, i called Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin and asked if he could help me. He was brilliant. I filled in the screen test and sent it back to him. I scored high, this suggested i had adult ADHD. I went o see him and he completed the assessment. I was made feel very comfortable and had the best support. I have since been medicated for ADHD and can honestly say its help change my life. I am so more focused and am less manic. I can actually think straight. If you think you have ADHD please give yourself the best chance in life, make the first move and get yourself professional help. I cant recommend Dr Iqbal enough, what a great guy. Thanks for your help

14th July 2020
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Many thanks for your kind and helpful review and recommendation, which are much appreciated. It has been a pleasure helping you to recover from Adult ADHD, and you have made such wonderful progress with the new medication. This is just the beginning of your recovery, and you will find yourself able to do even more over time on the right dose of medication. You have already overcome, accomplished, and learnt so much already without medication, so anything is possible now. You have finally found yourself and your niche, and you’re doing wonderful work in helping others. I wish you all the best for the future .

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