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Written by a patient
3rd October 2017

At last a doctor who genuinely listens to your symptoms! When at a dire state of mental and physical distress, this Dr. is so gentle, understanding and empathetic. He doesn’t just give a script, he asks pertinent and searching questions leading to a patient doctor “discussion”, rather than just impromptu imposing of his opinion. So very unusual these days when doctors don’t appear to have the time, or inclination to thoroughly understand what the patient has been through and is going through. Empathy is so important to a patient. That feeling of confidence and hope when one is at the end of his/her tether! I have seen this doctor on a number of occasions and always been comfortable and confident in the doctor, patient relationship. I have found it a blessing after many years of suffering the stress/time factor imposed on the GPs I have had the misfortune to consult. Due to distance he has offered follow up, should I require it, via Skype or any other technical communication means. Once again, adding solid confidence for the future - not just a patient forgotten!& Any person who really feels he/she needs desperate help, like I did, I would all heartedly recommend this doctor ... no second thoughts. I no doubt, will take up the offer of follow up, from positive or negative progress in my recovery. Here is an opportunity to show my gratitude for his help in providing me with a chance of a future. Thank you Dr Iqbal.

4th October 2017
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Many thanks for your kind words and positive feedback! It has always been a pleasure treating you, and your gracious feedback makes my privileged role all the more pleasurable and worthwhile. Best wishes for remaining well and maintaining your good recovery. Onwards and upwards. I look forward to seeing you again, if needed.

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