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Written by a patient
19th April 2020

I have struggled many years to find the correct help I needed. I went to Dr.Iqbal very quick response and very helpful in listening, very understanding and empathetic. I was able to received the recommended treatment that I needed and went all out in great quality care definitely will be highly recommending. Thankyou to Pam the receptionist for a fast response. Lovely lady very kind and helpful in dealing with all they do. Many thanks.

20th April 2020
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Many thanks for your helpful and constructive feedback. I am really glad to hear of your positive experience of IamPsychiatry. We have quickly got to the most likely root causes and recommended the best treatment going forward. It will be pleasure helping you to recover over time. Your recommendation is very much appreciated. All the best.

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