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Written by a private patient
5th May 2022

I cannot thank Dr Mohiuddin enough for diagnosing my 27-year-old daughter with ADHD. Sophie is a wonderful and kind person who had felt for many years she may have ADHD. Obviously going private is not cheap and it is sometimes difficult to know if you are doing the right thing, but I am so very glad she did. The cost was very reasonable compared to others we looked at, the reviews were excellent and the waiting time was surprisingly short with just a few months waiting list. Sophie was very nervous but we were happy she would be in the empathetic hands of Dr Mohiuddin and were excited for her consultation, counting down the days! Sophie was put at ease immediately during her call and it was a relief for her to chat and finally get confirmation after many years of symptoms. Dr Mohiuddin was so caring and knowledgeable too. Since her consultation we have been blown away by how quickly the medication has changed Sophie's life for the better, it is wonderful to see her happy and feeling so calm and positive. I would highly recommend every aspect of the journey, Pam Mohiuddin, Dr Mohiuddin's secretary is also lovely and so helpful.

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