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Written by a patient
30th June 2020

I have never been treated as a human being by a doctor before. Especially a psychiatrist. I had my first appointment yesterday with Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin and I was overcome with emotion due to the fact he seemed like he sincerely wanted to help me and didn’t understand why I hadn’t been previously. If only I had met Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin ten years ago. He speaks to you almost like a friend, a person and I knew he had my trust within five minutes of us meeting. A very kind, trusting and obviously hard working psychiatrist who already has done more for me in that hour spent with him than any NHS psychiatrist I’ve been under did in the last ten years I’ve been seeing them. I would recommend him to anyone. Can’t thank him enough and I’ve only had one appointment!

3rd July 2020
Response from Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin

Thank you so much for such kind and gracious feedback. I’m so glad that you found the assessment session helpful. I’m somewhat surprised that NHS CMHT appear to have missed something so seemingly obvious over the past ten years, despite their best efforts to help you. It was a pleasure to have helped you to quickly realise what had been most likely affecting you for many years. It will also be a pleasure and privilege to help you to recover further to become the best you can be. Many thanks for your recommendation, which is much appreciated.

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