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Written by a private patient
15th May 2022

I have struggled my whole life with poor impulse control, which has caused me numerous problems and consequences, as well as other issues with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, OCD and alcohol and drug use as a means of self-medication which just made things worse. I really needed help and unfortunately the NHS waiting list was 12-18 months for a consultation. I researched a lot of private practices and it is expensive but iampsychiatry was fairly priced and seemed to offer by far the best service and post diagnosis care. Dr. Mohiuddin was caring, understanding and knowledgable and between his care plan and the prescribed medication, I am like a new person. I understand my condition a lot more and am able to concentrate and focus without getting distracted or overwhelmed. I have ended my unhealthy relationship with alcohol and am happier and calmer. I feel in control of my life and most importantly, I finally think before I act and can control my impulsive behaviour.

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