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Written by a private patient
5th May 2022

Booking an ADHD assessment with Dr Iqbal has quite literally changed my life (27 year old woman), I cannot recommend Dr Iqbal and IAmPsychiatry enough. I was SO anxious leading up to the assessment and even minutes before I felt sick with worry. I was quickly put at ease and felt so comfortable, understood and listened to the entire time. I often worry about making phone calls due to feeling anxious or not knowing what to say but please be assured that Dr Iqbal is a very kind, compassionate psychiatrist who listens and supports you throughout the assessment and beyond. If you're also worried about your appointment or booking an appointment, please know - any anxiety for your appointment will be gone within seconds of speaking to Dr Iqbal. He is extremely compassionate and not patronising in any way, he will guide you through the assessment in a friendly, professional way. Dr Iqbal has such a great, calming personality and approach, he is truly a role model for the industry and healthcare providers. Since beginning medication, my life has transformed for the better, it's like day and night. I am constantly amazed at the positive impact it has had on my life. My family and partner have also noticed so many positive changes in me, my mum especially. She has sent a thank you card to Dr Iqbal as she witnesses just how life changing his assessment has been for me, she was heavily involved in the booking process and also said that Pam was lovely to communicate with. Before booking, I could see that IAmPsychiatry is one of the most (if not the most) reasonably priced ADHD assessments in the UK, I spent a long time searching and comparing with my mum. I already knew that I would find value in the service after reading reviews, but since having the assessment, I now truly understand the value of the service that Dr Iqbal provides. In addition to the endless positive changes that have followed since the diagnosis and medication, the process has also been 10/10 and the support is felt as a client in a very genuine and compassionate way. And of course, Dr Iqbal is absolutely brilliant. If you're going to go private and pay, please know that the value at IAmPsychiatry is incredible. A NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE: Reading these reviews, struggling with suspected ADHD, feeling lost and helpless - you will not be patronised or interrogated/invalidated at IAmPsychiatry. Your anxiety is absolutely justified due to the current treatment/perception of ADHD and lack of understanding in society, however, I want you to know that Dr Iqbal is unbelievably knowledgable, supportive and compassionate. You have NOTHING to worry about if booking in with him for an ADHD assessment. I just want to emphasise this as there is a general worry around seeking help due to the stigma, especially towards women. If you are thinking about booking with Dr Iqbal, especially as a woman (late twenties), please know that you will be in expert hands. I have spoken to multiple doctors and health care providers in my life and have never experienced such a compassionate, expert service. I am SO grateful and feel SO excited about life for the first time in a long, long time. It's difficult to put into words but the best way to describe it is that I feel like I'm actually present and living life in the moment. I cannot stress enough how valuable my ADHD assessment has been and wish I had done it years ago. THANK YOU DR IQBAL!!

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