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Written by a patient
4th March 2020

I came to my initial appointment at Pain Clinic feeling slightly foolish, as no obvious physical cause had been found for my pain, which could be mild one day and debilitating the next, I just knew it was called Fibromyalgia. Also, as a health professional myself, it is sometimes difficult to reach out for help, however Dr Lieberman put me at ease, listened carefully, and was non-judgemental. He gave an excellent, understandable explanation (with illustration) of what was happening within my body to make me feel such pain. I really appreciated Dr Lieberman’s holistic approach, and also his suggestion to try some non-medical methods initially, including using some natural products, graded exercise, and attending an information session about different ways to manage pain. Dr Lieberman also made it clear that I could get in touch if I needed to (giving me a contact card), which made me feel really supported. I came out of my appointment with a much better understanding of my pain, and not feeling foolish any more. Thank you so much to Dr Lieberman and his team, you are a credit to the NHS.

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