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Written by a patient
26th January 2020

I first saw Prof Chinoy is 2016 and I can hand on heart say he is the best medical professional I've ever seen. He's honest, but not in a dismissive way at all. He is upfront, gives me all of the information I need, and makes sure I understand what he is saying to me. He writes up all notes from consultations and makes sure my DR and myself have a copy to ensure I know where I'm up to with my diagnosis and treatments. He has given up his time on numerous occasions to answer my emails regarding treatment, if I have an emergency he will always do his best to squeeze an appointment in for me and is always friendly, honest and thinks outside the box regarding symptoms that many other doctors and consultants have missed, or dismissed. I have never felt dismissed or judged, he gives the best care and won't rest until he is sure of the condition or symptom. He has organised tests that many others wouldn't authorize to be safe, and has continuously made me feel at ease and that there will be a light at the end of the treatment tunnel! I honestly don't know where I would be right now without Prof Chinoy and I'm very thankful for his continued care and treatment, as are my family. I appreciate his honesty on what could help with my conditions, he recommends things that he's seen and thought to recommend to me, and makes sure that I am getting the best treatment across the hospital and other departments. I never feel worried or scared to tell him about new symptoms or if something isn't working for me, and I never feel like he will judge me or dismiss these things I'm experiencing. I have had many answers to things I have been suffering with for years, and I feel he understands the importance of a correct diagnosis and the treatment that comes with this. I feel like he genuinely wants to help and wants my conditions as manageable as possible for me. He is a highly skilled consultant and I honestly thank my lucky stars that I am able to be treated by him and his team. If you are considering seeing him or unsure if you haven't been treated before, just go for it. He is a great asset to the NHS and private care, and I trust that he always has my best interests at heart and with everything he does.

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