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Written by a patient
8th July 2015

Following a routine mammogram at Glenfield General Hospital and then being called back for further investigation I was told in July last year that I had cancer in my left breast. I was given this information in such a way that I felt positive from the start. At every stage in my journey I was met with kindness, care and understanding by all the staff at the Breast Care Unit and on Ward 23A. I was introduced to Mr Khout who explained what was needed and why and he performed a wide local excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy with mammoplasty on 8th September 2015. Due to the cancer being situated where it was I had tissue which took a while to heal but Mr Khout did everything he could to aid the recovery process so that radiotherapy could begin on schedule. At my first visit to the Oncology Department at the Royal Infirmary the consultant said that I appeared to be very well informed. The credit for this goes to Mr Khout who has explained everything, in ways I could understand, at every stage. In February this year Mr Khout again operated, this time for symmetrisation with right breast reduction and again this went extremely well. I cannot thank him enough for the care he has given me and I appreciate his understanding, his kindness and his sense of humour in what might have been a very traumatic time in my life. Mr Khout – if you read this review “I thank you sincerely and send you my very best wishes for the future”. Kathleen Brown

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