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Written by a private patient
13th April 2022

I had very prominent varicosities of my great saphenous vein causing severe reflux and varicose eczema, which was so bad I had to use strong steroids (betnovate). Since my operation the varicose veins have completely gone and the eczema has resolved so that I have needed no steroid cream at all. Dr Gajraj was excellent, he gave me all the time I needed to explain the condition, the results of the scan and the surgery. The surgery was carried out under local anaesthetic and I had complete confidence throughout. I was very pleased with the whole consultation.

18th April 2022
Response from Dr Haroun Gajraj

Thank you for this feedback. Varicose eczema is a potentially serious condition that can lead to a leg ulcer. Strong steroid creams give symptom relief but may thin the skin. My team and I are pleased to have been able to help you.