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Written by a private patient
4th June 2021

From the moment you enter the Melbury Clinic there is an air of calm and total professionalism. Dr Gajraj listens, takes tremendous care and at all times made me feel safe and that I was receiving the very best care. The procedure took a little time but was not really painful and the gentle reassurance throughout made it simple and not unpleasant. The aftercare was excellent. After a few days I was walking happily and then received two follow up appointments to check all was well. I am delighted with the results of the procedure. Not just for the improved appearance of my legs but from the huge improvement on the inside! My legs are more comfortable and my veins no longer a worry. Cannot recommend Dr Gadraj and his team more highly.

7th June 2021
Response from Dr Haroun Gajraj

Thank you for this wonderful feedback. Positive feedback like yours means a lot to us. We are pleased to have made such a difference to you. Kind Regards, Dr Haroun Gajraj

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