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Written by a patient
29th August 2019

Dr Kaz-Kaz is a fantastic consultant. The first time I saw her with my husband she listened and was very reassuring. Dr Kaz-Kaz is extremely knowledgeable and understands EDS/HSD really well. I was really struggling and felt like there was no hope. Dr Kaz-Kaz had me reffered to all the people I needed to get the right help. Thanks to her I have seen some wonderful people who have helped me along this journey. I still have days where I have pain and it takes it out of me but I now know so much I can do that can help and to try and prevent by pacing. I also know its ok to have these days but doesn't mean every day needs to be like that. I had lost hope before seeing this truly wonderful lady. Dr Kaz-Kaz even did a phone call review to save me having to travel back to ULCH. Dr Kaz-Kaz really does care and wants what is the best for her patients. Thank you for the great service you are giving. You are a asset to the NHS. Thank you so much for just being you, Sarah H.

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