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1 2 3 4 5
10th February 2017

He's a pleasant enough chap, but talks at ninety miles an hour. His speed of delivery is so fast that you need a sharp brain to keep up with his conversation, which is not really appropriate for a neurology clinic, where some patients may be slowed down from brain damage. He rarely pauses long enough for the patient to get a word in edgeways, and consequently gets the wrong end of the stick through not listening properly. A lot of NHS money was wasted when he had me in for expensive tests I didn't need, because he'd misunderstood the nature of my illness. I was then discharged from his clinic because I didn't have the conditions I'd been tested for, whilst still trying to get help for the illness that I do have. I was obliged to make a complaint to the NHS Trust, but to give Dr Ingle his due, he did then start listening to me and promptly arranged MRI scans and an in-house referral to the correct department.


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