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27th December 2017
Written by a patient at Pelham Medical Group

I was told by a nurse that Dr Chitnis was a good clinician, however, I did not find her to be at all helpful or respectful and I think that she most definitely did not treat me as an equal or take me seriously. She accused me of attention seeking behaviour in my clinical records, but failed to criticise me to my face, which I would have much preferred. She did not share her diagnosis with me. Importantly, she attended a meeting with my GP behind my back and advised her to tell the Disability Employment Advisor that I would need support and retraining to even do Data Entry. She did not consult with me regarding what qualifications, skills, experience and interests I had. I had attended Russell Group universities and was about to complete a funded master's degree; I did not claim Disabled Students Allowance nor did I ask for any adjustments or extensions. I do not think that it is ethical for a medical professional to dis someone's ability to the extent to which Jobcentre staff refused to help them to gain employment, and told them to claim Employment and Support Allowance. Dr Chitnis appeared to have ignored that I had done e-mail counselling outside of the NHS for 2 years, because I had failed to reach the top of the NHS waiting list for counselling (placed on the NHS waiting list in 2002 and still have not reached the top), the psychology assistant had refused to see me after I had been on the waiting list for 4 years, informing me that I was still not ready and Open Minds staff had refused to provide a service to me, informing me that I had been like it for too long. Dr Chitnis could consider improving her communication with service users, refraining from looking down on service users, involving them in meetings, listening to them instead of making assumptions and not putting their ability down. I also think that she could do with being more accepting of people's ethical views when they differ from her own.

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