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Written by a patient
6th April 2020

I met with Dr Uddin at a very low point during my menopause. She actively listened as I explained my on going symptoms and despair. The most important thing she did was to validate my symptoms and thoughts. She explained that I had options and ensured that I was aware of the pros and cons before allowing me to consider my next steps and reach a mutual decision. Although the menopause and HRT are not her speciality I felt confident in her ability to make the right decisions for me both medically and personally and I have appreciated her honesty and transparency on her levels of understanding such a complex subject. Dr Uddin has always followed up with me via the telephone or in person after blood tests etc to ensure that I am making the right progress and also to ensure that the correct protocols are adhered to from a medical prospective. The personal progress I have made since first meeting with Dr Uddin is astounding. During a time when friends, family and my partner could not comprehend how I was/am feeling, It was so comforting to know that I could speak freely with Dr Uddin and she would show compassion without judgement whilst remaining professional. I’m hoping that in the next few months, after the final tweeks of medication, I will be back to being myself, all with great thanks to a great doctor. Thank you.

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