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18th October 2017
Written by a patient at Spire Hartswood Hospital

Dr Maniyar saw me as a favor to another neurologist who is his colleague at another hospital. I did my best to answer his questions and I will give him credit for asking for my version of events and not just going by a referral. There was a lot of information flying around and we agreed on many points but not all. He primarily said my problems were migraine based even if I did not have all of the symptoms of a mainstream one. I found this strange at first but do accept now it's a contributing factor. He did examine my occiput and found it was painful on the right. It still is and others think the occiput is the main culprit for the types of daily head pains and sensations I have. He did prescribe me a muscle relaxant and I was grateful to him for this. He had the patience of a saint when dealing with my gp, so again credit to him. He is a good neurologist and wrote a detailed clinical letter on his thoughts from seeing me.

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