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19th November 2015
Written by a carer at Gordon House Surgery

I recently attended this GP with my partner. Dr Novitt tried to assist at the surgery but was unable to diagnose the problem with certainty. she realised that it was serious and sent us straight to the local A&E with a letter to hand to the hospital giving them what information she had been able to ascertian from her examination of my partner.. My partner was admitted to the intensive care unit later that day and almost died during the night. If Dr Novitt had not had the good sense and foresight to send us to A&E straight away my prtner would, without doubt , have died that night. The following day Dr Novitt called me at home to enquire about my partner , and has since called again. When i spoke with her i found her very easy to talk to , despite the fact that i was in a state of extreme shock at these developments. Although she is not my GP and i had never met her before i was thoroughly impressed by her judgment, her good sense and her compassion.

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