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Written by a patient
21st September 2019

I had a breast reduction at Charing cross two days ago, performed by Dr Dex and another doctor. Already, I can say that I am pleased with the results and can feel a difference, even though I am still recovering. Before the op, I had suffered crippling back and shoulder pain, in addition to anxiety and low self-esteem since my teenage years, because of my my disproportionally large breasts. In my first consultation with Dr Dex, I felt as though I had been listended to and taken seriously. This is in complete contrast to when I spoke to my GP, who did not take me seriously as I had my large breasts covered in baggy clothing, which made me feel as though I was being called liar, but indirectly, when I revealed the size of my breasts. Many thanks to Dr Dex and her team for this life-changing operation. I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing doctor and her team to anyone else wishing to have a breast reduction performed.

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