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28th May 2016
Written by a patient at Downing Street Surgery

I originally called my GP for an emergency appointed regarding depression, anxiety,substance abuse and what turned out to be sinusitis. The GP said take this for your sinuses and we will have a proper length appointment next Thursday, the day was Monday and I mistook the date as it turned out to be the Thursday after. So 17 days away. I was given no time go through my issues and the doctor agreed to give me a sick note to cover me until the next Monday. The next Monday came and the depression and anxiety had escalated further so I called up to ask for an appointment or to extend my sick note by phone if not as my work are very strict on this. The message was passed from reception to my doctor who refused to renew the sick until he had seen me. I believed the appointment to be in just 3 days time on Thursday but they advised it was actually next Thursday but that he would have a telephone appointment with me on the Friday. So again I called my work and told them I now could not get a not till Friday. I was called on Friday it was a rushed appointment and there was a lot of things I needed to go through, hence why I believe he had suggested the double appointment on Thursday. I was honest and explained that I had relapsed in terms of a drug addiction that had been dormant for two years. Before I could say much else I was told I can't extend your sick note if you're using drugs clearly missing the link between the drugs and the depression. The drugs I have been addicted to are of the benzo class and withdrawal in an uncontrolled manor can kill you. What it seemed this doctor wanted was for me to stop all drugs before we talk about depression and refused to give me a sick note despite me not being able to see him for a thorough appointment for 17 days, he did say it was possible he could give me one then though I doubt my work will be satisfied with waiting 2 weeks for a sick note. Putting work aside I feel I'm becoming worse everyday to the point where I don't leave my room, as I don't feel I can even be around my family anymore without provoking anxiety. At this point I've accepted I'm going to lose my job so sick notes aside, i just can't understand how quickly I was dealt with unable to talk, I felt like I was stuttering through the call with my GP trying to get my points across. Again I understand that a telephone appointment is a short one but I don't understand why he wasn't able to extend my sick note until the next Thursday when I would be seeing him for a full appointment at which point he could actually give me some advice or medication to deal with my problems. Instead I will almost certainly lose my job and yet the doctor does not even yet know my issues, I would say i managed to get across about 30% of what I needed to. I think as soon as I mentioned the drugs I was written off in his books and even though I've had the same steady job for 2 years with no more than 3 sick days in total, presumably he thinks I would rather just get some time off work (which I don't get paid for) and randomly indulge in drug abuse that's lead me to the point of not having left my house since my first appointment. I have felt so low at times and a lot of things have gone wrong in my life within a short period of time which I think it was has brought my depression and anxiety back and subsequently led to my drug use. I have tried to stop the benzos I take and that ler me to a really dark place where suicide was seriously considered, I decided at that point that I need to stay on them for now for that reason. I just want to be clear that I feel due to this experience it could have and still could potentially lead to something tragic happening and it makes me think that things like this probably do happen to other young(ish) people like myself and do lead them end their life's. I can't name doctors and the doctor I saw actually helped me with a similar issue I had around 2 years before so I'm not sure what's happened. The doctor is doctor wernick which I know Will be ommitted from this review but I would appreciate it if someone could pass my message on to him. Thanks

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