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10th July 2016
Written by a patient at Theale Medical Centre

Two years ago I was acutely ill. I called the medical centre as I was in a lot of pain and barely lucid and my family were very worried. My left abdomen was purple and roasting hot. Dr Rock was the duty doctor. Despite the fact that I had highlighted my need as an emergency, she took one and a half hours to call me. In that time, my own manager had been so concerned that she had begged me to call an ambulance, but I didnt as I was waiting for Dr Rock to call. When she called, she barely asked me anything and certainly didnt listen to me. When I told her that I was going to A and E, she told me not to waste either their time or mine by going there. Fortunately, I didnt listen to her. Within fifteen minutes of arriving at the hospital, I was fast tracked through A and E, put on a drip and given morphine. I was in hospital for four days and was very thankful that I had trusted my own instincts and not listened to Dr Rock.

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