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Written by a patient
5th October 2019

Dr Christopher Lawrence actually arrested my downwards acceleration to my demise when I suddenly developed an end stage renal disease in Nigeria. A long time Australian business associate had introduced Dr Chris to me during my battle to save my life. I contacted Dr Chris, he gave me an appointment and I flew into Britain from Lagos Nigeria to consult with him. At this point the Doctors in Nigeria, the Nephrologists that was managing my condition and the other doctors were helpless with my situation. He stabilised my deteriorating renal condition, arrested the rapid loss of blood count and instituted a transplant work up plan that kept me going until I finally had a successful kidney transplant. He is very competent and professional to the core. He approaches treatment and diagonisis from what I consider a very deep medical scientific perspective carrying the patience along on this medical solution and management journey. Supporting me who leaves in Nigeria during the period of the work up and even after the transplant has shown that if the medical system gets more of Dr Chris' type, patience healthcare management will be a new experience.

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