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10th January 2014
Written by a patient

I am a woman in her 40's with long term mental health issues. I am struggling lately with severe depression and have been having a lot of suicidal thoughts. I have just seen Doctor Chloe Webber, who I can honestly say, in many many years of experience with all sorts of doctors, is the least compassionate most hard-faced and uncaring doctor I have ever seen. A truly astounding lack of empathy. I went in feeling suicidal and desperate and now feel so much worse having seen her. I went in for a mental health review - Dr Webber didn't even greet me like a human being. Did not ask questions. She made me feel that I was an inconvenience in her day. She made it clear that found me begging for her help and talking about feeling desperate and suicidal obviously annoying. I started crying and there was no offer of a tissue. I eventually found one in my pocket after my nose was running down my face. Not one single caring word. When I told her that I was finding her lack of empathy difficult - she remained stony faced and made an appointment with a different doctor. She did not do the mental health review I went in for or check my medication. She did not answer my question about the blood test. Worst experience of a doctor I have ever had in my life. Just the lack of humanity. The lack of any kindness. I my humble opinion, if you can treat someone who is depressed, desperate, feeling suicidal and bawling the eyes out, begging for some help - with such a lack of compassion - you are not even a decent human being, much less a decent GP. I only changed to Doctor Webber as over the course of a year - I was unable to ever get an appointment with Dr Fletcher (who was my GP and at least treated me as a fellow human being and tried to help) and I wanted to try and get continuity of care. I thought that the continuity might be an issue. Apparently it is the Care. Big mistake. My constructive suggestion is: Have a heart?! Or if that is truly your attitude, perhaps find you should, out of respect to patients, choose another career. Prison Service?


Short link to review Dr Chloe Webber: http://iwgc.net/egnlk

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