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Written by a patient
8th November 2013

I am now leaving this practice as I moved address. As a practice itself, I have never had any problems however wanted to give feedback on this particular GP as I found her to be one of the most unempathic clinicians I have ever encountered. I saw her on a number of occasions as she seemed to be the only GP with available appointments. She does not make eye contact, there is no introduction or welcoming you to the room. I found myself awkwardly sitting down to complete silence until I would begin to speak. She would stare at the computer and type as I spoke and then I would make suggestions regarding my treatment. It was altogether a sequence of very odd encounters and I was not able to open up to her in any way. I am writing this review as I want her to be aware of how she comes across to patients and would recommend others to see a different doctor if they are looking for any amount of discussion, empathy, advice or confidence in a medical opinion or expertise.

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