Dr Charles McClintock


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  • General Practice

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1 2 3 4 5
24th March 2018
Written by a patient at Burn Brae Medical Group

Charles’ listening skills aren’t as strong as his GP skills. In addition, his communication style is dismissive and abrupt. Perhaps he was having a bad day when I saw him but my feedback from my experience is that he is maybe used to dealing with subservient patients who perhaps lack curiosity and/or gumption to ask probing questions about ones own health care. When faced with a curious probing and confident patient, Charles seemed arrogant and spoke down to me. Charles isn’t a GP i would wish to see again and nor would I recommend him to anyone else. No doubt others will hold a different view but I suspect he is better suited to caring for infants and older patients, whom are either incapable or less inclined to enquire or research their own health matters.

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