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Written by a carer
24th September 2020

I have known Dr Puli for a short while and have always found him to be a total professional and expert in his field. A few days ago my son developed an infection on his face and unable to get immediate support from normal channels I sought Dr Puli’s help. Despite him being busy and having a function to attend in the evening he immediately assured me he would find help. By the end of the next day I had received all the advice and medication for my son that I needed. Within two days the infection had almost cleared and 5 days after was entirely gone. My son was able to fulfil all his engagements and he was incredibly grateful for the immensely quick response provided by Dr Puli. In summary I can but say that I am enormously grateful to Dr Puli for his timely help, his desire to help and go the extra mile and most importantly for sorting out a very pressing medical need. I would strongly recommend Dr Puli to anyone who seeks his professional medical advice and support.

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