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Written by a patient
3rd January 2019

If Armadale Group Practice was a shop it would have closed down long ago. The receptionists if that is what you call them need a few courses in public relations. They are at best unhelpful and unwilling to help. I have personally heard them when sitting in the waiting area talk about patients in an extremely unprofessional manner. They seem to be delusional and think of themselves as Doctors and not merely what they are - receptionists. No care seems to be given to patients who are elderly or may need some extra help. I think talking at the top of your voice asking people what is wrong with them in a public area is wrong on all levels. It is a miracle anyone actually gets to see a doctor. I find some of the doctors extremely helpful and interested while the rest can,t even look at you while you are talking to them. I thought if you were in the health care industry you should have caring demeanour. Is seems Armadale surgery has missed the memo on that one

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