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5th January 2018
Written by a carer at Wonford House Hospital

Attended a meeting with Dr Laszlo who was my spouse's psychiatrist. We wanted to enquire about inaccurate notes indicating an erroneous diagnosis. Dr Laszlo spent considerable time going over notes (some inaccurate) rather than justifying the diagnostic remarks that were the point of the meeting. After 45 minutes, Dr Laszlo finally attempted to justify the diagnostic notes, but was unable to do so with reference to standard diagnostic criteria (because my spouse did not meet them). When his points were gently challenged, Dr Laszlo stated that he did not want the dialogue to be confrontational. At one point my spouse became upset, at which point he said that he would go no further in trying to justify the diagnostic remarks. When I said that this was convenient (because he had not evidenced them) he told me that my spouse was upset and that it would be "abusive" to continue going through the diagnostic criteria. I told him that this was very convenient because he had failed to justify the remarks. He then said that he would not change the notes, at which point my spouse became so upset that she left the meeting. This interaction caused great upset for me and my spouse, was unconstructive, and Dr Laszlo's tone throughout was arrogant, disrespectful and not patient-centred.

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23rd November 2015
Written by a patient at Garlands Hospital

I was diagnosed with bi-polar in 1976. I had awful experiences of psychiatric hospitals in Newcastle. I moved to The Lakes in 1996 where I had empathy & care at the Beacon Unit, Penrith, under the guidance of one of the best psychiatrist's I have met, Dr. Bert Laszlo. I left Cumbria in 2007 & returned to my roots in Longbenton, Newcastle. I have continuing care here with an eminent consultant & a cpn who I trust. Regarding medication, I find taking lithium in the morning stops me going to the loo alot at night & cuts out my water intake.

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