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Written by a patient
14th December 2020

I have seen Doctor Thomas several times over the last few years and he has always been extremely polite, efficient and very thorough in his treatment of me. I suffer from intercostal nerve damage following major surgery 6 years ago. The surgery has severely damaged the nerve endings between my ribs and the pain is completely debilitating and causes many, many other unpleasant side effects. I last saw Doctor Thomas on Thursday 10th November 2020 in the morning, as he was giving me some deep tissue TENS treatment to try and help with the pain. The surgery itself was very relaxing and Doctor Thomas was totally professional throughout the procedure. He was cheerful and happy & put me totally at my ease. He came to chat with me in the recovery area before I left. I will see if I get any long lasting relief from the treatment but if not Doctor Thomas has told me of further treatments that may be possible. I left the hospital feeling relaxed and happy that I had been treated by the best. Thank you.

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