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15th May 2017
Written by a patient at The John Radcliffe

I was unlucky to see mediocre doctors like Dr Camilla Buckley & Dr Belinda Lennox in their autoimmune encephalitis clinic at John Radcliffe. I also Dr Lennox as a psychiatrist & not very good at that either. These two will deceit & mislead individuals for twenty months. These two will take the back seat & be deserters while leaving their patients in a worst state. They are extremely hazardous & they are so incompetent they do not realise what their dangerous actions in quitting leave one in. These two are a liability as they do not know what they are talking about either. Their perceptions are misconceptions. They have little actions while doing no good & showing their true colours of inadequacy by quitting with a unfinished job leaving their patients in a worse state. They will be passing the buck dangerous. I want good care and these two are not up to the task or challenge, they quit when the individual are in a worse state. Stay away. They are both not fit to practice as doctors. They are a burden on society & their paycheque is not worth the weight in gold. What is the point starting something if they can not finish? Ask quitters that leave vulnerable in a worst situation while never bringing anything new to the table as academic researcher so far. Recycling content that is not their theories. Inadequate. Never was & I doubt ever will in future. Maybe in the capacity in quitting they will be recognised in. Unable to prove us wrong quitters. Liability, hazardous & inadequate. We want good care. They are not failures but deserters. Stay away from these doctors.

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