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Written by a NHS patient
3rd February 2022

I am hoping to be able to see a different Consultant. Unfortunately, I left my appointment with Dr Beatriz Lara concerning my COPD very confused and upset. She did not appear to want to listen and was Very condescending. Considering I was seeing her for help controlling my COPD the one thing she seemed to focus on mostly was the fact I am underweight, (which seems to stay the same no matter what I eat), I lost a bit last year but it is now stable. As I am over 60 years my weight is not an issue but my breathing problems are !! I had just finished a course of my rescue pack and was feeling quite well but Dr Beatriz Lara made me feel as if I was wasting her time. I am not one to complain usually, but as I have seen a few Doctors and medical staff over the years due to Breast cancer and other problems I have never been made to feel as if I am taking up their valuable time.

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